• Global Rainbow Cakes 50g-NEON

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  • Description

    This Neon Rainbow Cake is a split-cake from Global Body Art.

    Use Global Neon Rainbow Cake to create colourful and professional-looking face painting designs. Large split-cakes, which are also known as Rainbow Cakes or as Base Blenders, are perfect for applying a quick and easy multi-coloured base, and for easy blending.

    Use a sponge to apply all the colours at once, or use a large flat brush to use two colours for a one-stroke design.

    Neon colours are bright and vibrant in normal light and glow under black (UV) light. Great for discos and nightclubs!

    • Name: Global Neon Rainbow
    • Colours: Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue
    • Size: 50g,  5 x 6 cm

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